Canyoning - ASD Mountain Live

“Canyoning leaves a mark in your life” so you can read one of the comments from people who have been able to live this experience.

What is it? The Canyoning is a very young sport. Is to walk down the alpine rivers with little water flow but very vertical. Gorges carved by the slow flow of water that has created breathtaking views and landscapes.

Down in the gorge we will dive in clear water, as we slide on a smooth rock in a natural water park and we will use the ropes to immerse in fantastic waterfalls vertical.

Who can do it? anyone with a minimum of sportiness and lover of ‘water is able to cope with this task without problems. Children can also participate in at least 1,30 m high.

What do you need?
Participants must bring:
  • 1 pair of shoes (preferably boots) you can soak
  • 1 swimsuit worn
  • towel
  • undershirt to wear underneath your suit
  • dry change for custom t-shirts, shoes