Who We Are - ASD Mountain Live

The Mountain Live Adventure sports association is headquartered in Storo and was born in 2002 from an idea of four friends who share a passion for the mountains.

It all started in a bar, as in the best stories, now we are a well organized and ready to offer fun and a lot of adrenaline.

We characterized the carefree and friendship that we establish with each person who decides to participate in this adventure full of emotions, smiles, stimuli and many unforgettable moments.

The Staff of Mountain Live is waiting for you!

  • Thanks to the magnificent guides mountainlive ...


  • Thanks! We loved your team! It was an amazing experience and we will never forget it. The guide was so incredible and surpassed our expectations. We will refer MontainLive Adventure to any of our friends and family.


  • Special thanks for our guide, we had an excellent trip, a lot of new information during the activities, the lodge is so beautiful, nice houses, the food excellent!, a lot different kind! Always a big plate! All days which I stay here was interesting. I enjoy every momment! Thanks so much for excellent time!